All therapy services are a standard rate dependent on time-frame of service. Session rates are listed below:

  • 50 minutes – $125
  • 80 minutes (recommended for EMDR therapy) – $187.50

Individual Therapy:  Individual therapy is available for adults 18+ years. Sessions may be in-person at my office or online through Let me know your preference.

EMDR Therapy: EMDR therapy rates are the same as individual rates. Longer EMDR therapy options are also available – including 2 hour or 3 hour EMDR therapy intensives – as scheduled following the initial session – at the rate listed above. Sessions may be in-person or via teletherapy.

Birth Consultations: Birth Consultations are for moms-to-be whom may have experienced previous birth trauma or difficult birth experiences and are wanting to process through those experiences to reduce triggers in the present and future. The first session is $250 for a 2-hour session. After which, rates will be the standard 50 minute session rate.

During the first session, we will discuss your physical and mental health history, relationship history, and any previous birth history. I will also provide screenings and assessment of maternal mental health concerns and an overview of treatment options. I will then provide recommended treatment plans, referrals (if needed) and anticipated time frame for future appointments. See specialties for more information on birth trauma.

Insurance:  I am an out-of-network provider and do not currently contract with any insurance companies. You may request for a Superbill receipt with billing codes, including mental health diagnoses, should you seek to submit a claim to your insurance provider. Please contact your insurance company for information regarding out-of-network benefits. It is your responsibility to pay for all sessions directly and to follow-up with your insurance company on your own. See FAQs for more information about insurance.