Entrepreneurs & Helping Professionals

Have you had self-doubt or anxiety regarding the risks you are taking for your business or our community? Have you lost sight of why you started a business, became a leader, or helping professional? Do you feel overwhelmed by all the roles and responsibilities you are trying to juggle?

The weight of risk and pressing reality of failure as a leader and owner of a business can be paralyzing for entrepreneurs. And more often than not, we will make mistakes as a leader. Burnout and secondary trauma impact the majority of leaders at some point in our careers.

Leadership breakdown and burnout are reasons behind why businesses fail.

Using Brené Brown’s research on shame resiliency, you will learn to rise from failures and mistakes and will no longer be defined by failure. You will develop greater resiliency and ability to work through difficult emotions and decisions you face as a leader.

My role is to help you bounce back from burnout and to help you prevent it from returning so that you can move forward toward joy and success. Together, we will create personalized self-care plans to tackle burnout and to move through barriers that keep you stuck.

A particular area of passion of mine is working with mompreneurs, particularly with trauma & maternal mental health.