My Story

Moving around as a third-culture kid (TCK) overseas, I witnessed and experienced the impact that burnout and trauma has on individuals, couples, helping professionals, and non-profit and business leaders. Returning to America for college was a major culture shock and transition in my life – not only as a TCK, but also as a 2nd generation Taiwanese American and person of color in a community that did not have many people that looked like me nor had backgrounds similar to me. Therapy was a pivotal part of that transition and helped me to better make sense of my experiences.

After receiving a Master of Social Work from Baylor University, I began my career in the world of non-profit organizations. It was through my work in the field of trauma that I experienced burnout and secondary trauma (AKA compassion fatigue) and started wondering if I was cut out to be a social worker. Compassion fatigue took a toll on my physical body. I began experiencing vertigo, digestive health issues, tinnitus, hair loss, and other physical symptoms I never had before. From a Western medicine perspective, there were no answers to what I was experiencing.

Self-doubt, fear, anxiety, burnout and trauma can paralyze us. These emotional experiences impact us physically and psychologically and can lead to chronic health concerns. My journey of working through shame & burnout through self-care, community care, and the certification processes in EMDR Therapy and The Daring Way™ – created by Brené Brown – led me to find healing and to create a private practice.

My joy in private practice now is to support fellow entrepreneurs, helping professionals, moms, BIPOC, and individuals in healing from burnout, trauma, & perinatal mental health concerns. You are not alone and with support, your mind, body, & spirit will begin to move in integration. As a therapist, social worker, and Asian American, I am committed to walk out in cultural humility and empathy and to integrate cross-cultural perspectives and practices in therapy.

Outside of the therapy room, you may find me practicing self-care and community care around Waco – for example, through yoga or community advocacy engagement. You may find me teaching yoga in the community as I am a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200). I also provide EMDR Consultation as an EMDRIA-Approved Consultant-in-Training (under Approved Consultant Sharon Rollins). You may also find me at the Waco Downtown Farmer’s Market or spending time at our downtown Waco Cha boba tea shop and mobile tea truck.

More about my clinical background and therapy perspective can be found on the page: My Therapy Perspective.