My Story

Moving around as a third-culture kid (TCK) overseas, I witnessed and experienced the impact that burnout and trauma has on individuals, couples, helping professionals, and business leaders. Returning to America for college was a major culture shock and transition in my life; counseling was a pivotal part of that transition.

After receiving a Master of Social Work from Baylor University, I began my career in the world of non-profit organizations. It was through my work in the field of trauma that I experienced burnout and started wondering if I was cut out to be a social worker. And that burnout took a toll on my physical body. I began experiencing vertigo, digestive health issues, tinnitus, and other physical symptoms I never had before. From a Western medicine perspective, there were no answers to what I was experiencing.

Self-doubt, fear, anxiety, burnout and secondary trauma can paralyze us. These emotional experiences impact us physically and can lead to chronic health concerns. My journey of working through shame & burnout through self-care and the certification processes in EMDR Therapy and The Daring Way™ – created by Brené Brown – led me to into private practice.

My joy in private practice now is to support fellow entrepreneurs, helping professionals, moms & women in healing from burnout, trauma, & maternal mental health concerns. You are not alone and with support, your mind, body, & spirit will begin to move toward a point of balance and wholeness.

Outside of the therapy room, you may find me practicing self-care and community care around downtown Waco – for example, through yoga or business networking events. You will find me most Saturday’s at the Waco Downtown Farmer’s Market selling Waco Cha with my husband Devin ( in photo above) and at our Waco Cha mobile tea truck – anticipated summer 2019 launch.

More about my clinical background and therapy perspective can be found on the page: My Therapy Perspective.